Sustained leadership experience to count towards RTTP certification

There has recently been a change to RTTP to allow Directors or other senior managers to describe their ‘Sustained Leadership within the profession’ as their Achievement Overview to achieve RTTP.  This was specifically introduced because several knowledge exchange/tech transfer/commercialisation leaders had asked whether we could recognise the particular skills involved which may not require day to day involvement in projects within their offices but still require high levels of skills and experience as described in the ATTP skills competency framework. 

Applicants are expected to be senior leaders in the profession with at least five years’ leadership experience.  They must be able to how significant leadership demonstrated through long-term performance improvements, effective shaping and management of resource within their organisation(s) and sustained track record of their team(s)’s outcomes.

The required overview (1000 words) should include the following elements:

  • The type of leadership role that you have held over a minimum period of 5 years
  • The size and scope of the team that you manage (including financial responsibility if relevant)
  • The types and volume of work that the team undertakes
  • The amount of commitment, investment of resources and level of senior management engagement that you have managed to secure for your team
  • The outcomes of the work of the team in terms of their track record (i.e. key knowledge exchange technology transfer/commercialisation initiatives, key projects, key partners, key deals and new investment)
  • Your specific role in leading and developing the team, and specifically how you can demonstrate relevant core RTTP competencies

The deadline for the next call is 15 October.

Please direct any questions to the KCA National Office

More Information on RTTP

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