Message from the Chair

Knowledge commercialisation or technology transfer is a way for research organisations to maximise their impact in the community. This relies on Tech Transfer Professionals (TTPs) to build and foster relationships across research, industry and government. TTPs ensure that new knowledge and technologies create impact for policymakers and businesses, and lead to the development of new products, services and companies, and markets.

As the peak body for Australian and New Zealand TTPs, KCA connects, trains and advocates for these often ‘unsung heroes’, who receive no direct, dedicated government funding. Established in 1978, KCA has grown from a small group of TTPs seeking peer support to the go-to organisation for expert advice on national research commercialisation policy and best practice in research-industry engagement.

To consolidate our leadership and further develop our sector, KCA’s five-year strategic plan rests on three pillars: advocacy, training and networks. Our increasingly influential SCOPR, Survey of Commercialisation Outcomes from Public Research, is a prime example of KCA’s advocacy. Through SCOPR, we have elevated the visibility of TTPs’ value by measuring the extent and economic impact of research commercialisation across Aus/NZ and showcasing the latest success stories.

KCA also provides sector-leading training and mentoring opportunities for TTPs at all career stages to build professional capability. This can be formally recognised by an international Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) accreditation. We foster local and inter/national networks by offering a rich calendar of events, so TTPs can share the lessons of experience and establish or enhance collaborations.

More than ever – as the pandemic continues and we face climate change and shifting international relationships – we need TTPs with broad skillsets and networks to facilitate the complex process of research commercialisation to address these challenges. KCA has the vision, capacity and strategic plan to meet this need.

Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia