Spotlight on commercialisation professionals
14 September 2023

The 2023 KCA Remuneration Survey Report helps organisations develop competitive remuneration strategies, increase the professionalism of research commercialisation roles, and highlights resourcing and recruitment trends to key decision makers.

Training, recruiting, and retaining staff are the key issues in the latest KCA report released today. This snapshot into the makeup of the research commercialisation sector of publicly funded research organisations in Australia and New Zealand highlights the range of roles and remuneration requirements of persons involved in bringing complex ideas to reality and effecting real-world impact.

Twenty-nine respondents — 23 in Australia and 6 in New Zealand — represented a wide variety of office sizes and types, comprising 309 professionals across a wide range of roles.

KCA Director Dr Erin Rayment who oversaw the survey said recruitment was a consistent challenge.

“As someone who is responsible for leading and recruiting a team of high-quality professionals, I know how valuable this survey is for my decision making and planning” she said.

A key issue across the industry was new funding streams and an increased national focus on research commercialisation resulting in high demand for talent with the right skill mix.

Other challenges identified include:

  • Long recruitment lag times resulting in increased pressure on under resourced teams.
  • Increasing competition for talent from non-traditional competitors.
  • The challenge of long-term retention of talented people.

KCA Chair Quin Chang said the survey provided valuable data and insights into a highly skilled and constantly evolving workforce.

“This report will be an indispensable tool for organisations to attract and retain talent in a competitive jobs market,” he said.

Read the full 2023 Remuneration Survey Report here