KCA membership is essential to the development of the Monash Innovation team. New team members quickly gain access to professional networks and internationally recognised professional development, while KCA connects more experienced staff to peers in industry and academia and to developments across the sector, ensuring that our work practices stay current. KCA is increasingly invited by Government to assist with the development of commercialisation and innovation policy by providing a sector overview, thereby shaping a brighter future for Australia
Dr Alastair Hick – Director, Monash Innovation, Monash University

KCA provides high level advocacy, excellent training and targeted events to enhance researcher entrepreneurship and promote translation of research outcomes into new products and services. Our Accelerate program participants have found enormous benefit in KCA’s University Accelerator Demo Day which builds profile for tech start-ups, facilitating introductions, partnerships and investment. Rohan McDougall – Director, IP Commercialisation, Curtin University

ANU has been a long-term member of KCA and I experience multiple benefits as Director of ANU’s small Technology Transfer Office. KCA provides my team with opportunities to enhance their skills through accredited training programs, and to build a network that enables peer-to-peer information sharing, inter-organisational collaboration, and benchmarking on practitioner issues.
Dr Fiona Nelms – Director, Technology Transfer, Australian National University

KCA membership provides benefits to USQ by linking us with a network of experienced practitioners. We can compare contract negotiation experiences and benchmark current deals and deals in negotiation, with a wider network of people. It also provides a peer support network for early professionals to work through current issues and gain experience in a wider variety of projects. As a collective, KCA can provide a voice for the sector to enable advocacy in the current public policy debate, particularly around engagement, impact and associated innovation metrics.
Dr Erin Rayment – Executive Director, Industry Engagement (QUT)

KCA has clearly defined the route to professionalism for technology transfer professionals, and guides practitioners along it, towards best and emerging practice. Through ANSTO’s membership, our people benefit from: KCA’s advocacy for the profession; a national network with links to a global community; and targeted, unique training that results in industry-recognised post-nominals.
Dr Tim Boyle – Leader, Business Development, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation