KCA comments on “Assessing the wider benefits arising from university-based research” discussion paper

KCA recently submitted a response to the Discussion Paper issued by the Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education titled “Assessing the wider benefits arising from university-based research.”  A copy of this submission is available on the KCA website.

In this submission, KCA showed support for greater focus to be given to the benefits flowing to the economy and the broader community from university based research, both by means of appropriately tuned metrics and case studies (provided that it be done in a sensible and cost effective manner).  KCA conceded there to be a good opportunity to rationalise and co-ordinate with existing approaches, as well as introduce new measures.  

KCA notes the proposed consultation process and has indicated that we’d be interested in helping to facilitate engagement with the University commercial arms and offices that it represents to ensure that there is adequate consultation.

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