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Strategic thinking, business and commercial acumen plus the ability to communicate and influence are some of the identified skills required by Technology Transfer Professionals (TTPs) to effectively take research to market.

KCA’s world-first TTP Capability Framework, created in conjunction with the Australian Professional Standards Council defines the skills, knowledge, behaviours and values required by a team taking research to market, and outline career paths for those working in the role at different levels.

Part of a piece of work entitled ‘Knowledge Transfer in Australia: Is there a route to professionalisation?’ the new Framework is the result of intensive research where 103 TTPs, 31 stakeholders and 64 Australasian organisations were interviewed and surveyed.

The KCA framework describes up to 200 desired capabilities for TTPs, divided into seven clusters and sixteen sub-clusters, and classified by development stages: early-career, mid-career and senior level.

Now it is no longer a secret what ingredients are required to take science to market, KCA would like to shift gears and move away from the “what are we missing” approach and focus on “what does it take” to put research to use. Our people are making a tangible difference to the economy, society and the environment, and require support to ensure teams are appropriately resourced with the competencies required to get the job done.

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