2. IP Basics

2.1 What is intellectual property?

Learn how a wide range of intangible assets such as innovations, inventions and other assets can be regarded as IP.

2.2 What is IP protection?

IP can be protected within three main categories; trade secrets, legal registrations and automatic legal protection.

2.3 What is prior art?

Novelty is essential in IP. Prior art may show that novelty does not exist.

2.4 IP ownership

IP is an asset. Legally, IP owners are the ‘applicants’ listed on registered IP protection.

2.5 What is commercialisation?

In this training, commercialisation is defined as the process of taking IP to market for financial profit.

2.6 Why is commercialisation important to universities, their staff and students?

Commercialisation is important for universities due to their responsibility to society and to increases industry engagement.