4.5 Where to find help with IP management and early commercialisation

The following key documents can help to clarify the rights and responsibilities of IP creators and owners in universities:

  • employment contracts
  • the university’s IP Policy, a.k.a. the Commercialisation Policy, Knowledge Transfer Policy, Industry Engagement Policy, or similar.
  • contracts with external parties collaborating in and/or funding university R&D.

The following people provide assistance and must be involved in IP commercialisation activities involving IP created at universities:

  • University Technology Transfer Office (TTO) – The TTO guides and assists researchers, other staff and students to identify, protect and commercialise IP owned by the university. In most cases, IP created within the university will be fully or partly owned by the university, so the TTO’s involvement is mandatory.
  • IP attorneys – Most universities use external rather than in-house IP attorneys. IP attorneys are essential because of the highly professional, specialised knowledge and structures required for IP protection. The TTO will manage communications with IP attorneys on behalf of the university.

Other organisations that can also assist with IP management and early commercialisation:

  • IP Australia, the Australian Government agency that administers IP rights and legislation. 
  • Business Incubation Centres, also known as Innovation Centres, Business Start-Up Centres, etc.
  • Various Australian Government and State Government Offices


You have now completed the IP and Commercialisation Training.

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