1. About this training

Who is it for?

This training is primarily for use in universities by:

  • researchers, including postgraduate research students,
  • other employees involved in research commercialisation, and
  • undergraduate students interested in research or commercialisation.

While the content is designed for use in Australia, most of it applies globally.

Why should you learn about IP and commercialisation?

Immediate benefits of this training:

  • With increased understanding of key issues and terminology, you’ll interact more easily and productively with commercialisation and industry professionals.

Long-term benefits of well-managed IP protection and commercialisation:

  • You’ll have the satisfaction of seeing your innovations put to use in the wider world, while still being able to publish and present your work in academic journals and forums.
  • You’ll find new avenues for research and additional funding sources by increasing engagement with industry.
  • As an IP creator, you may receive financial returns.
  • Society will benefit from innovative products and services that improve lives, and from the creation of new industries and jobs.
Image adapted from diagram by Dr Paige Maguire, Director of Graduate Research Education & Development at QUT

What will you learn from this training?

You’ll learn about Intellectual Property (IP), its protection and commercialisation, including:

  • key IP management issues
  • types of IP protection, and how to choose between them
  • common commercialisation processes for universities, and who’s involved
  • commercialisation vehicles and pathways, and how to choose between them
  • where to find assistance with all of the above.

How to use this training tool

You’ll need at least one hour to complete the training, and potentially longer if you view the additional information and videos offered throughout the training.

The training includes some simple, multiple-choice exercises, to aid your understanding.