3. Types of IP Protection

3.1 Summary of types of IP protection

See the differences between secrets, patents, trade marks, designs, plant breeders’ rights, copyright and circuit layouts.

3.2 Secrets and disclosures

All IP, except sometimes that protected by copyright, is initially a secret known only to the creator and any associates.

3.3 Patents

Learn about what a patent is, the patenting process and patent costs.

3.4 What is a trademark?

A trade mark distinguishes its owner’s goods and services from those of another business.

3.5 What is a design?

In IP terms, the design of a product comprises the novel and distinctive features that give a product a unique visual appearance.

3.6 What are plant breeders’ rights (PBR)?

A breeder of a novel variety of plant that is distinct, uniform and stable, can register exclusive rights to use, license or sell the plant variety.

3.7 What is copyright?

Copyright protects the owner’s original expression of ideas and information, not the ideas and information themselves.

3.8 What are circuit layouts?

Circuit layouts are novel, two-dimensional layout designs or plans of three-dimensional integrated circuits.