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The tightrope of tech transfer – competing interests all around

TUESDAY 2 JUNE 2020, 12-1pm (Brisbane time)


The balancing act of tech transfer – this event will share first-hand experiences and lessons learned, framing tech transfer as a relationship management problem. Our speakers will share key tips and tricks of navigating this high-wire including learning how to listen to understand competing interests and priorities in order to get the best outcome during negotiations; setting reasonable, attainable parameters together; and adopting different approaches to address irreconcilable differences between parties involved in commercialising new technology.  Join the discussion to pick up some handy tips and tricks for your own tech transfer tightrope journey.

Confirmed speakers:

Associate Professor Tim Kastelle

Tim’s research, teaching and engagement work are all based on his study of innovation management. He graduated from Princeton University with a degree in economics, and his MBA and PhD were completed at The University of Queensland. He has worked in marketing and management positions in a variety of industries including radio, office equipment, industrial chemicals, higher education and software, and these experiences inform both his research and his teaching. Tim has published widely in the leading innovation journals. He is deeply committed to translating research into practice. To this end, he writes a well-regarded innovation blog for managers (, and he has worked extensively with a wide range of organisations. Tim has worked closely with the CSIRO to build the national research commercialisation program ON Prime ( He is currently the Director of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Associate Professor of Innovation Management for the UQ Business School.

Brendan Cheong

Brendan is the Principal Advisor – Patents & Technical IP for Rio Tinto, and an Australian patent and trade mark attorney. At Rio Tinto, Brendan is responsible for the formulation and execution of IP Strategies for Rio Tinto’s research and development projects, as well as for the management of IP risks to the company. Brendan sits on a number of Rio Tinto’s IP Steering Committees and Working Groups, providing advice and recommendations to assist in the setting of Rio Tinto’s current and future IP and Commercial directions

Dr Nancy Schellhorn

RapidAIM Pty Ltd 
Dr Schellhorn is co-founder and CEO of RapidAIM Pty Ltd digital pest surveillance and management system for agriculture.  Prior to co-founding RapidAIM, Nancy was a Principal Research Scientist with CSIRO in Brisbane Australia where she developed and lead concepts to achieve pest-suppressive landscapes; a way of measuring, designing and managing agricultural landscape mosaics for sustainable production.  

In September 2018, Nancy and her co-inventors, Mr Darren Moore, and Ms Laura Jones, formed a company and licensed the technology that they invented while at CSIRO. The RapidFLY surveillance and management is now in the marketplace and is being adopted by Local Governments, Grower Associations and fruit growers.

Nancy has served on many national and international committees and advisory panels including the Federal Office of Gene Technology Regulator – Technical Advisory Committee, the GRDC National Grains Pest Advisory Committee, the Cotton Industry Technical Advisory Committee, and the OECD Integrated Pest Management Advisory Committee. She received her BS in Agriculture from the University of Missouri–Columbia, a MS in Ecology from the University of Missouri-St Louis, and PhD in Entomology from University of Minnesota. In 1999, she arrived in Australia to join CSIRO.