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Communicate or die: marketing new technologies

DATE: Wednesday 25 November 2020, 11:00am – 2:00pm AEDT

DURATION: 3 Hours (2.5 hours presentation + 30 mins Q&A)

AUDIENCE: Australasian tech transfer professionals at any career stage

KCA Members: $150
Non Members: $250



Julie Wheway, Manager Strategic Engagement, gemaker
Julie completed her PhD in Immunology at UNSW and pursued a successful career in medical research for 15 years before gaining extensive commercial experience in the education and science sectors. A STEM commercialisation specialist since 2011, Julie develops and implements industry engagement, funding and marketing strategies for research organisations and innovative businesses. In 2015, Julie acted as Communications Manager for the CRC for Low Carbon Living.

Rebecca Colless, Communications Specialist, gemaker
Rebecca has a science degree, post-graduate qualifications in Communication, Writing, and Journalism and 29 years’ experience in education, communications and marketing. Previously co-owner of two successful small businesses, she has freelanced as a communications consultant since 2011, supporting research organisations, innovative businesses, government agencies and community groups. Her sectors of experience include science and technology, water services, sustainability, health, tourism and hospitality.

Excellent communication skills are critical for tech transfer professionals (TTPs) to succeed in taking new knowledge and technology to market. To win essential buy-in from industry partners, government stakeholders, investors and end users, you need to convey the distinct value of each innovation, adapting your pitch to engage audiences with varying constraints and priorities. This interactive session will equip you with a comprehensive kit of tools and techniques to help lift your marketing communications to the highest level.

At the end of the session, trainees will be able to:
• apply the principles and techniques of clear and persuasive communication
• avoid common communication blunders
• define the peak value proposition of an innovation
• plan effective pitches from elevator to extended length
• adapt their communication style to suit industry or investor audiences, and
• employ greater empathy, creativity and brevity to maximise audience engagement and impact.