KCA Director

Stephen Flint joined Auckland UniServices Limited, the commercialisation company for the University of Auckland, in June 2009 as a Commercialisation Manager (Digital Technology and Engineering) responsible for the development and commercialisation of technologies developed at the University of Auckland.

The focus of his current role as a Director of Commercialisation is on the utilisation and management of the University of Auckland Inventors Fund, a $20m fund that invests in the development of new ideas, technologies and companies from staff and students of the university. Previous to UniServices, Stephen had spent over 5 years as a Business Manager with the Foundation for Research Science and Technology, a New Zealand government agency working with New Zealand businesses seeking R&D funding. Other roles have included Finance Analyst for NZ Post Auckland Mail Centres as well as 4 years working in various financial roles in London in the late 1990s/early 2000s.

Current responsibilities: Managing the University of Auckland Inventors Fund. Leading a team of Commercialisation Managers and Analysts focusing primarily on digital and engineering-related technologies.

Qualifications: BSc (Tech) – Earth Sciences, University of Waikato; MSc – Earth Science and Oceanography, University of Waikato, New Zealand.

Areas of Expertise: Technical: Engineering, Science and Digital Technologies. Commercial: Fund investment and management, company formation, intellectual property, licensing, sales and marketing.