SCOPR™ 2021 Highlights Success of Research Commercialisation

1 September, 2022 / Comments (0)

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In just 5 years publicly funded research organisations in Australia have achieved AU$1.2B in commercialisation deals with 260 new companies created in Australia and 47 new companies created in New Zealand.

Those numbers from KCA’s SCOPR™ 2021, the Survey of Commercialisation Outcomes from Public Research from 49 participating universities and research institutes in Australia and New Zealand show success in the commercialisation of publicly funded research, achieving positive impact in society in a wide range of technologies from life sciences through to MedTech, IT and engineering solutions.

These results lay out in a clear, comprehensive, and unequivocal way how Australian and New Zealand research is succeeding on the world stage and how that translates to the universal language of dollars and cents.

The 2021 Report for this year highlights:

  • New Companies Created – 69 in Australia and 10 in New Zealand
  • Commercialisation Income – AU$251M in Australia and NZ$128M in New Zealand
  • Industry Contracts – AU$800M in Australia and NZ$79M in New Zealand
  • Commercial Deals – 832 in Australia and 106 in New Zealand

“The path from idea to reality is full of unexpected obstacles and is often difficult to measure,” SCOPR™ Chair John Grace AO said. “This data is positive proof Australasian public research organisations are contributing significantly to the new industries of Australia and New Zealand and are producing products and services of international significance.”

SCOPR™ is conducted every year by Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia (KCA) who engages their partner gemaker to collect and analyse the data from Australian and New Zealand universities and research agencies.

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