KCA works with the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science to compile annual data for major research performers across Australia’s publicly funded research organisations (PFROs). This set of time-series data (from 2000) complements our other advocacy efforts, and is one way we can measure the benefit and successes of translating research into impact.

Our metrics are comparable to those used internationally, so provide a tool to measure local performance against that of our counterparts in North America, the UK and Europe. Regionally, we can use this data to evaluate our individual institutions performance to our peers, and maintain healthy growth in the level of activity.

Most significantly, these metrics aid in providing the profession with a voice in policy making. Your input into this survey each year is ensuring that the work of this profession does not go unnoticed, and that we are demonstrating value back to the community in terms of translating public money back into benefit for the community.

We thank you for your cooperation each year in gathering the data and being a part of this important process. Some of the most recent compilations of survey data are available on the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science website. You may also be interested in the Government’s Annual Innovation System Report.