Allume Energy is a renewable energy technology company focused on grid sharing and solar as a service for Australian communities. At Allume, we are developing financial, legal and technological innovations to allow low-income households and renters access to affordable and clean renewable energy.

Glenrowan Enterprises has developed the Goodfit system that allows consumers to size their feet for shoe purchases (online, remote and mail order), removing the frustration of the wrong size being delivered and allowing custom footwear to be sourced and supplied. Goodfit in partnership with Curtin University have undertaken extensive research on surveying the foot and extracting critical dimensions for sizing feet. We do this by creating a 3D representation of the feet and environment using photogrammetry, requiring approximately 20-25 images taken on a mobile phone within a minute. We then post process the 3D environment, extracting critical feet dimensions required for sizing shoes, by using proprietary algorithms. The Goodfit system has recently been successfully benchmarked against traditional measurement techniques through independent trials with manufacturers. Goodfit is currently focused on pursuing commercial opportunities with various Government Departments that have apparel supply for their staff, particularly where logistics costs are an issue, such as defence, police, fire and emergency services. We have a manually intense working proof of concept but require funding to advance the technologies development and automation. Including all business activities (software, IP, marketing, finance) we estimate this is approximately $250k and will look to supplement this with government grants (Entrepreneur Program’s Accelerating Commercialisation). Access to Curtin Accelerate means Goodfit qualifies as an early stage innovation company.

Founders: myInterview was founded by Guy Abelsohn and Benj Gillman. Guy heads up operations in Sydney whilst Ben is based in Tel-Aviv with our engineering team. Both participated in the Hatchery+ incubator at UTS in 2016. Guy: I’m super passionate about technology, focusing on the big picture and the more granular specifics of how it should work, interested in #recTech, #vidTech and #AI. I oversee day to day operations, speak with customers and thought leaders, product manager and exploring emerging technologies such as AI, emotion analysis, sentiment analysis. Ben: I oversee strategic operations and partnership opportunities with HR vendors and corporates, manage our R&D team in Tel-Aviv and look out for emerging technologies in our space from Israel as well as speaking to customers and HR thought-leaders at major companies in Israel. #recTech, #Vidtech and #DataAnalysis are my passions. Product: myInterview is a deeply integratible API allowing for flexible deployment of a video interview or video cover letter to a HR system/job board. Machine learning that ranks and recommends candidates. Employers receive an overwhelming number of job applications, they then must shortlist and interview. This is time and resource consuming, not to mention the role that bias can play in the decision-making process. Our API’s are lightweight yet have a deep integration capability, our widget takes 1hr to integrate. We’re looking for introductions and potential sales opportunities..

Social isolation for the elderly is one of the fastest growing health problems the senior community faces and one that doesn’t often get attention. Isolation is a larger risk factor to health than smoking half a pack a day or obesity and only after a fall, only 20% of seniors push the panic button and spend an average of 15 hours on the floor before being found. With a rapidly aging population, this is only going to get worse. At Conpago, we help solve this problem by connecting seniors to their close friends and relatives. Through the application of research from the Queensland University of Technology, we have developed a simple device that creates a tangible connection between people. The Conpago lets people know that the elderly are active and following their normal routine without intrusive monitoring technologies. A simple, intuitive interface and visual notification system takes the hassle away from connecting with loved ones over a distance. We have an amazing team behind us including Professor Margot Brereton who brings the fundamental research on which Conpago is based to the team, Mackenzie Jackson, our CTO and experienced technologist (and hipster…!) and Marley Brown, engineer and business expert who leads the team. Conpago has recently completed an advanced prototype and is in the process of raising funds to tool up and go into production. We are looking for investors with an interest in the aged health care space, who are willing to work with aged care providers to refine and rollout the Conpago. Conpago – bringing families together.

Hopscotch is a new way for couples to navigate separation and divorce by using intelligent technology to facilitate positive, fair, court-sanctioned parenting and property agreements. Separating couples can stay focused on what’s most important to them by being able to explore options collaboratively, get real-time feedback on fairness, simply access legal input and formalise their agreements. Our mission is to create technology that changes the way humans resolve conflict. We’re disrupting the current adversarial-based legacy systems by providing an alternative that is more human, leads to better quality outcomes and is significantly faster, cheaper, fairer, friendlier and more scalable. Our platform is transformative to not only how parties interact and approach conflict, but to how lawyers and mediators work. We’re starting with separation and divorce but can apply our technology to many kinds of human conflict. Our team is made up of a designer, lawyer, mediator, accountant and technologist who are equally passionate about changing the separation experience of millions of Australians. We’re looking for investors and partners who share our values and want to help us take Hopscotch to the next order of magnitude by making it available nationally and then globally.