Negotiation for Technology Transfer Professionals

This one-day course is designed to introduce technology transfer professionals to the theory behind different negotiation styles and then identify practical skills on how to apply them in their roles. The content will include an introduction to the stages of a negotiation, different negotiation styles and being able to articulate a value proposition on the technology or product that you are pitching. This will be demonstrated through exploring real case studies, including examples of past intellectual property negotiations. Negotiations tricks will be identified, including practical ways to manage these and what to do when you reach an impasse. The day will conclude with a lively panel discussion, featuring other experts in the field to consolidate the learnings.

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Best Practices in IP Commercialisation

Best Practice in IP Commercialisation is a two day course designed to give an overview of issues relating to the commercialisation of PFRO intellectual property in Australia. Course content is primarily aimed at new or recently recruited staff from technology commercialisation or contracts offices in academic institutions, but will also be of interest to those in industry who work with academics or who are involved in the academic/industry interface. For those working towards RTTP status, earn 15 CE points by attending.

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Intermediate Licensing

KCA’s two-day interactive licensing course has been specifically developed with university technology transfer professionals in mind and will be for those practising individuals who already have a basic understanding of the licensing process. The objective of this course is to upskill the licensor, and content will build upon the basics and focus on areas where people most commonly fall down in academic technology transfer licensing. This course will earn you 15 CE points towards RTTP status.

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Start ups/Spinouts to Starts Ups Masterclass

KCA’s Chatham-House Start-ups Masterclass provides participants with the best available methods and insights for achieving success managing PRFO spinouts from inception to exit. This masterclass is ideal if you are, or will be, working with startups as part of your commercialisation role within a PRFO. This course will earn you 7 CE points towards RTTP status.

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Industry Engagement & Business Development

The brand new KCA Industry Engagement & Business Development Course has been designed and written with TT/KT practitioners in mind, and will be run by highly experienced industry business development professional to offer insights around engagement with established companies. The course will cover off both proactive and reactive BD strategies to ensure that you are getting the greatest return from your BD activities and efforts.
This course will earn you 7 CE points towards RTTP status.

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We are currently hosting the above courses upon request. If you or your organisation are interested in attending one of the above events, please contact the KCA National Office at