The two-day interactive course has been specifically developed with university technology transfer professionals in mind, and will be for those practising individuals who already have a basic understanding of the licensing process. The objective of this course is to up skill the licensor, and content will build upon the basics and focus on areas where people most commonly fall down in academic technology transfer licensing.

Topics covered include setting up the deal, structuring the deal, reaching commercial terms, negotiating the deal, doing the deal and post deal amendments. To complement the theory, tales of real-world examples will be peppered throughout, and to reinforce key learning’s, opportunities will be presented to apply core concepts to a licence of choice.

The course draws upon the inherent knowledge of highly experienced practitioners, and will be run by those whose day job it is to deal with these matters. Unlike existing courses on offer, content for this program has been carved out to reflect the nuances of the university technology transfer environment, and teachings will consider the reality that it is often more difficult to negotiate in this environment, matters can be more complex, and deals are not always negotiated on a level playing field.

In addition to this, there will also be an open-clinic at the end of day one where attendees, past and present, can bring along projects to discuss that they are in need of advice on.

At the end of this course attendees will be able to:

  • Structure a licence deal and understand how different options can affect the overall commercial outcome of the licence
  • Identify and evaluate the needs of the inventors/researchers, university and industry partner in a classic win/win licence negotiation
  • Instruct a lawyer to draft a licensing term sheet and subsequent agreement to capture the key financial and non-financial terms negotiated
  • Negotiate effectively
  • Apply relevant methodologies for valuing IP and know what resources are available to support valuation of IP
  • Draft a term sheet that satisfies the needs of the inventors/researchers, university and industry partner
  • Identify the key components of a licence agreement and know which sections can cause contention and/or involve risks for the university that should be avoided
  • Overcome barriers that arise as a result of non-negotiable licence terms
  • Effectively manage the execution of a licence agreement
  • Actively manage contract compliance
  • Understand when is it appropriate to re-negotiate or amend a licence and how do you go about achieving this

As with all such courses, the real value of attendance comes down to the connections made, and the network of colleagues established whose guidance and insight can be drawn upon if faced with an unfamiliar deal circumstance later down the track.


A copy of the program can be downloaded here. Dates for next course TBA.

Course Presenters

  • Alastair Hick, Monash
  • Dean Moss, Uniquest


  • Member Price: $990 (inc GST)
  • ​Non-Member Price: $1430 (inc GST)

The course fee includes:

  • Attendance fees
  • All day catering (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea both days)
  • Course folder, containing copies of the training and reference materials
  • Networking dinner

Course Dates

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Earn Continuing Education points towards RTTP status

Demonstrate your dedication and expertise in the academic technology transfer profession by becoming a Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP). The Intermediate Licensing course earns participants 15 continuing education (CE) credits, which support your registration application. For more information about the registration process and requirements, visit the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals website.

A big thank you to our volunteers!

This course would not exist if not for the hard work and dedication of the four wonderful professionals who have given their time very generously to put pen to paper / keyboard to computer software and compose their collective wisdom into a structured two day learning program for other professionals to fast track their learning experience. It’s pretty special that via KCA we can use the power of the network to draw on the wisdom and insights of the collective and better educate our professionals of tomorrow. Thank you to Dean, Alastair, Tiffany and Tim for all of your efforts in pulling this course together. The KCA community greatly appreciates all that you have done for our local cohort.