August 4, 2022


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KCA QLD Networking Event – Exploring Space between Industry and Institutes

Industry-University collaboration, fueling the space race.

In the space industry, how can universities and industry best work together? It should be acknowledged that this industry is more than just launches, rockets and satellites – it’s also communications, security, manufacturing and a wide range of other industries on the ground that feed into this sector.

Echoing our 2022 Conference theme ‘Commercialisation 4.0: Translating Australian Research Outcomes in a rapidly changing global economy’, this event focuses on how universities and industry can work collaboratively in this truly global industry. The space sector has many SMEs, but a majority of these don’t necessarily have the means to fund university research or are unsure of how to forge partnerships with universities.

Join the discussion – How can industry and universities best work together to build on the momentum that the space industry is gathering?

This event is free.

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Ingrid Marsh Director Partnerships & Business Development, Cicada Innovations

Cicada Innovations is Australia’s pioneering deep tech incubator supporting companies solving the world’s most pressing problems through science & engineering and is also home to the National Space Industry Hub.
Ingrid leads commercial partnerships and develops new business opportunities for Cicada Innovations and has twenty years experience as an economic development professional working at a strategic level, developing sector strategies and at the coal face delivering practical support to assist business growth. Her experience spans industry development, innovation programmes and international trade and investment.
Most recently, she was Director, Industry Development for Investment NSW, where she led the NSW government’s efforts to improve industry capability and competitiveness of priority sectors within advanced manufacturing including medtech space and food and beverage manufacturing. In that role, she led the development and implementation of the NSW Space Industry Development Strategy. Prior to that she worked in international trade and investment for Austrade and Invest Australia, with a focus on the China and South East Asian region.

Ingo Jahn – Associate Professor – Hypersonics, Rockets, High-Speed Flight Systems, USQ iLAuNCH

Associate Professor Ingo Jahn is a leading researcher in Hypersonics at the University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ). Ingo is an Advanced Queensland Industry Research Fellow (Mid-Career), working with Gilmour Space Technologies to develop an Australian Space Launch Vehicle.
Ingo’s experience includes translating university research into value for industry, reinforcing Australia’s emerging space industry. Examples include turbopumps, optimal trajectories for multi-stage access to space systems, and co-design of systems.
Ingo joined the Institute of Advanced Engineering and Space Science at UniSQ in 2022, after spending 10 years in the Centre for Hypersonics at the University of Queensland. He obtained a Master of Engineering Degree from the University of Oxford, UK in 2003, which was followed by a DPhil at the Turbomachinery Laboratory at the University of Oxford. Between 2007 and 2012 Dr Jahn was working for Rolls-Royce plc in the United Kingdom as a Specialist in Advanced Seals and as Research Technology Leader for Oil Systems.

Dr Jason ArmstrongSpace Systems R&D, Boeing

Dr Jason Armstrong received a doctorate in Immunology from a NASA Center in the USA. His career has a thread of biomedical software & automation and in particular for spaceflight payloads. The earlier part of his career in the 1990s saw Jason place payloads on 4 space shuttle flights and personally flying on the “zero-g vomit comet” in a variety of circumstances for payload development & astronaut training.
Immediately following his early career NASA related work, Jason worked in the US biomedical industry and on returning to Australia in 2005 was CEO of a company that went public on the Australian stock exchange. Since the outbreak of CoViD-19 Jason has been contributing as a lead in the topic of “Disease Transmission Prevention & Screening” for the Boeing Confident Travel Initiative. He also currently leads the Research and Technology organization for Boeing in Brisbane which includes some 10 space projects spanning a variety of fields.

David Doyle – Program Manager Launch Vehicles, Gilmour Space Technologies

David Doyle is the Program Manager for Launch Vehicles at Gilmour Space, a leading Australian space technology company headquartered on the Gold Coast in Queensland. His team is responsible for the development, production, and launch of all orbital launch vehicles at the company.
An aerospace engineer by training, David served over 13 years in the Royal Australian Air Force as a Fighter Pilot and Experimental Test Pilot. He also spent a number of years managing various Defence programs for a large US prime contractor.



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