With Industry Engagement now high on the agenda for our research organisations, the business development (BD) skill set has never been as highly sought after. The creation of long-term value for our university comes down to our ability to form partnerships and strategic relationships with like-minded industry partners, and develop these relationships over the long term to create positive synergy. Being able to develop and foster relationships that return value to both sides comes down to adequate preparation, knowing what our objective is, knowing what the other side’s objective is, and investing time and the right resource to make the relationship meaningful.

KCA has crafted a one-day Business Development course for those undertaking industry engagement activities within their research organisation which covers off proactive strategies to ensure the greatest return from engagement activities and efforts. A flavour of what will be covered off includes:

Commercialisation covers the broad concept and process by taking research, using intellectual property tools, through to commercial markets for adoption.  Intellectual Property (IP) is a tool to enable adoption and commercialisation.

Commercialisation can be achieved through various pathways including licensing, assignment, start-up companies and joint ventures.  Each of these pathways  backdrop of commercial implications, legal rules and the contractual provisions with varying implications.  The contract under which the research occurs and the IP is develops effects the commercialisation pathways and can add obligations on commercialisation pathways.

This course covers:

  • Contracting as a management responsibility, and operational activity (not a legal technicality)
  • Use of MoUs and term sheets
  • A review of types of contracts that are important in research, Commercialisation and IP licensing and what obligations can effect outcomes;
  • Specific agricultural/food case studies.

Course Dates

We are currently hosting events and courses upon request. If you or your organisation are interested in attending this event, please contact the KCA National Office at admin@kca.asn.au.